Evangelism Ministry @ CMFI Maryland


We are the hands and feet of God, i.e. His mouthpiece.


To raise 7 teams to reach out from the Church to go out from the Church until we reach all of Westminster with the Gospel!


"To make Westminster a city of praise to the Lord our God where everyone is saved!"

Every week Ministries:

  1. 1 hour of Power
  2. 1 hour of Prayer
  3. 1 hour of Follow up

While we also endeavor to practice lifestyle evangelism everywhere and at all times. Our heart is for the lost perishing souls of men, Hell is utterly horrifying and we are not willing that any one would end up there! So in order to increase our effectiveness we are beginning a season of Street Preaching to the inhabitants of Westminster that the Gospel & the Word of God would go forth & penetrate the hearts of men in order that "all would be saved." Praise the Lord!