Praise & Worship @ CMFI Maryland

The Praise and Worship team is composed of a group of unique musicians who have made Jesus their Lord and the center of their worship. We consider it an honor to lead God’s people in praise and in worship. Our ministry is two fold. First to God who deserves all praise, then to His children as we lead them to give Him all the praise. Praise and worship for us is not a Sunday activity but a lifestyle. We enjoy praising Him and we get lifted into indescribable heights, far above all the pressures of our day, as we praise and worship Him daily. Jesus is the focus of our worship. We praise Him not as a display of our talents or gifts, but from our hearts and with all our might. Our goal is to bring down His manifest presence by our broken hearts and our unadulterated praise. We look forward to lead thousands of true worshipers up to the throne of God, and as a result of all we do that JESUS MAY BE GLORIFIED in our praise and worship. We have enjoyed God’s manifest presence, over and over again in our services, for He dwells in the midst of our praise. We invite you to join us to give Jesus the praise that He deserves. Oh Yes! Get ready to praise and worship Him not just with your lips, but from your heart, and with all your might!!!

Dr. Elizabeth Fondong
Praise and Worship Team Leader