Youth Ministry @ CMFI Maryland

The Youth Ministry at CMFI Maryland is composed of dynamic and enthusiastic believers who are devoted to holiness in their daily life and their service to God. Our goal is bring each teenager and young adult to a closer intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus. The events we organized throughout the year have a purpose to fellowship with God, fellowship with others, and preach the good news to the unsaved. In CMFI, we have a great mentorship and discipleship program which pushes and challenges us to reach heights with God. We encourage youths to pursue education, to be responsible, and to be a distinct in this perverse generation. The devil has a goal to steal, kill, and destroy the church, and he is after youths because they represent the church of tomorrow. In this generation, he does it through rebellion in families, sexual immorality (sex, fornication, pornography, etc.), ungodly music, drugs and alcohol. However, at CMFI because we know the devil has lost its battle at Calvary and lost his plans in our lives, we are commit by the grace of God to be different in this generation by being a model to each other, to unbelievers, and to the generation to come. Please join us in advancing the Kingdom of God by offering our life daily as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God.

Br Golois Mouelet
Youth Leader